Am I Working with A Bad SEO Agency?

Am I Working with A Bad SEO Agency

It is imperative for you to have a basic know-how of SEO agencies work or signing up with a bad company may cause you potential harm. Bad SEO will not only drop traffic on our website but will also drop rankings significantly. Do you suspect that you are working with a bad firm? If the answer is in the affirmative, you should immediately cancel your contract. In this article, we discuss a few bad traits to look out for the next time you seek to hire the services of a Dubai SEO firm like SEOTOP.

They Don’t Show You Reports

If your chosen SEO firm doesn’t provide you with reports on the work being done, it is a clear sign that you are working with a non-professional SEO company. Demand that they provide you with an explanation on all the works completed in the stipulated timeframe, and if not, you should consider stopping wok with them. As an SEO agency, they would be working on your on-page content as well as the backend. They should show you sites on which the back-end working is being uploaded, so you know whether or not it is reliable.

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No Awareness of Recent Changes

As a professional company, they should be aware that Google tends to update its algorithm multiple times in a year. Sure, the minor updates may not have a major impact on your business, but you still need to be aware of it in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Some might even be necessary for your website. Moreover, the SEO company should not be using the same strategy and should be on par with the current trends. If you notice them using the same strategies and techniques that were used earlier, it is time that you opt for a more proficient SEO firm. They would be more aware of the recent changes and will draft their strategies based on it. SEO companies should make their clients aware of any new changes in the Google algorithm or their strategy and also explain how it will benefit their company.

No Interest in Helping You Achieve Your Aim

Go back to the time you hired your existing SEO company and understand whether they were interested in your business goals. Did they discuss helping you achieve a position which would then convert to sales? The primary goal of any proficient SEO firm is to help you achieve a position on the search engine through various methods and techniques. Moreover, these should help in bringing in leads which then convert to sales. If you haven’t had a conversation as to how will they help you achieve your business aims, then its time you switch to a better and reliable SEO firm.

Check the Company if There is a Desire to Help You

Using Black Hat Techniques

If your chosen SEO firm promises you a set number of links per month, they are most likely using automated link building or other black hat marketing techniques. The best links will be present on-site that are relevant to your business, helping you achieve traffic from potential customers. These are usually time-consuming and require a lot of effort, which is why it’s difficult for companies to guarantee a fixed number. If they are however promising you a specific number per month, take it as a sign that you are working with a company that does not know SEO.

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