What to Look for When Choosing Veterinary Medicine Suppliers in Dubai

Veterinary Medicine Suppliers in Dubai

With the increasing demand for veterinary services in the region, there are now quite a number of veterinary suppliers in the UAE region. Each of these suppliers has its inventory, work systems, and companies from where they source their goods. For a first-time pet owner, choosing amidst all the available options may get confusing. To others, getting specific commodities such as kidney care dog food, and some rare medicines may be challenging as not all sellers stock certain products. For this reason, it is prudent for all pet owners to evaluate and choose a reliable supplier who is reliable and meets all their needs. There are a few factors to look into before settling on a supplier to guarantee value for money and obtain useful products for their animals.


All veterinary suppliers must have a valid license that allows them to operate. This should be a certified document from the local authority that is only issued after the business’s nature is assessed and approved. Buying supplies for a licensed supplier ensures that commodities purchased are of good quality. The business operations need to be run by qualified personnel who can give recommendations and answer questions about the medicines available. These licenses require renewal periodically, and thus, the license available should be within its stipulated duration of validity.

Services They Offer

Another critical factor to consider is the scope of services of the suppliers. There are different animal-related services offered by medical suppliers and identifying one with the most services may be helpful. The various services differ based on the type of animals they tend to, the availability of a resident vet for consultations and recommendations, and the diversity in the brands they stock. Some suppliers also stock pet food and pet accessories, and buyers may consider such extra services for added convenience.

Customer Care

When choosing a veterinary supplier, customer service is vital as it translates to how their services are offered or relayed to the client. Good customer service personnel are conversant with the products they handle and understand animal science to a decent extent to advice clients accordingly. Customer care also includes additional after-support where clients can consult or review progress as they use products bought from the supplier. Reliable customer care offers ease of service and quality services that are delivered promptly.


The type and quality of products matter a lot to clients. Many businesses focus on mainstream brands only. However, only a few business owners go the extra mile to procure unique stock that offers additional value to clients. A supplier with a broader range of products is better as they will always have something suitable to meet client preference. The ability to choose may come in handy. For example, instead of stocking certain medicine in tablet form only, diversifying and stocking the same medicine in its liquid variant may help with animals that make it hard to administer tablets.


It is advisable to select a veterinary medicine suppliers in Dubai who is easily accessible from your location for convenience purposes. This is because an illness is abrupt, and the need for medical supplies is unforeseen. Having quick access to your medical supplier is convenient for you as a pet owner and beneficial to your sick animals. An additional aspect of accessibility is the provision of an online shop. Online shopping is fast and convenient and quite helpful for clients whose residences may be far from a physical outlet.

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