How to Identify an Authentic Ruby?

Ruby Stone Price in Dubai

Identifying whether a gemstone is fake or real is not easy except if you are a gemologist. Fake and authentic stones look the same and you cannot detect the differences easily with naked eyes. Unfortunately, there are several suppliers who follow unfair trade practices and dupe innocent customers. Gemstones like ruby, diamond and emerald are expensive and you can never afford to buy one without equipping yourself with valuable information. Ruby stones have a rich red color, but you can easily fall prey to spurious suppliers if redness is the only thing you check. Though color helps you determine the quality to some extent, there are several other factors that affect the quality. While checking the ruby stone price in Dubai, you should not forget to test the quality of the stones. Here are a few tips to help you buy the most authentic ruby stone.

Consult a Gemologist

A gemologist can help you identify whether your ruby is original. Only a gemologist has expertise in inspecting rubies with their tools and instruments. Here, again seek advice from a reputed gemologist since you don’t want to go to the wrong ones again. Check reviews on the internet as you will get an idea whether the gemologist enjoys a good reputation in the market. Also, a gemologist will give you a certificate that confirms the authenticity of the ruby stone.

Minute Flaws in the Stone

The unaided eye cannot spot flaws in ruby stone. But natural ruby stones will certainly have minor flaws inside. These flaws indicate that the stone is real and authentic. Since these are not visible to the naked eyes, visiting a gemologist is recommended. He/she will bring the stone under a microscope and inspect the minute errors within. If the stone is absolutely free of any flaws, there are chances that it is a fake one. Synthetic rubies are widely sold in the market and only an expert can differentiate fake from real.

Durability Test

Ruby is the second most durable stone after diamond. Rubies are not easily breakable and one of the easiest ways to ensure the authenticity is conducting a durability test. Take a coin, key or any such object and try scratching the stone. Now check the surface of the ruby to find any marks. If there are scratches left on the surface, know that you have a fake one in your hand. A stone that is second to diamond in terms of hardness and durability can never be scratched with such simple objects like keys or coins.

Color Test

Rubies are red in color. But if someone keeps a fake, synthetic and natural ruby in front of you, will you be able to pick the right one? No, because they are all red in color and you cannot pick the right one without knowing some tricks and techniques to test the stone. Take the ruby stone and rub it on a glass surface. Is the glass tainted with marks of red color? If yes, the ruby stone is definitely an imitation or fake. The color of a pure and natural ruby will never fade away.

Size and Price

There is an enormous difference in prices of real and fake rubies. A real ruby costs 20 percent more than synthetic one and 90 percent more than a fake one. Rubies don’t come in large sizes and if you find one, it would fetch an exorbitant price.


Now that you have some wonderful tips to test the quality of ruby, head to a natural gemstones Dubai United Arab Emirates shop and order the most beautiful ruby to make heads turn.

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