How to Use Lego For Education?

Lego Education Set

One thing most people do not realize and don’t understand is that Lego can be used for educational purposes and can really help a child improve educationally and mentally. A lego education set can be used in a number of ways to fully entertain a child and educate a child. Children are more prone to learn and understand in this manner, it improves their learning and understanding skills drastically. These tasks are given to kids to test their abilities and see how it can help them improve and become better.

Below are some ideas of educational activities that could be given to children to help improve their intellectual skills and improve them.

Building with Letters

This is also known as word building; this is when you use the brick to form a letter and then have the child use that letter to form a word. This helps improve their thinking and language skill, you could also switch things up a bit however like.

Forming Content Creators

This could also be called story time or story starters, this is to check the children’s creativity and imagination, to check how their brains function. This is when the children tell an impromptu story that they created by themselves, or the teacher himself or herself can decide to teach the students something about life using the Legos to tell them a story relating to whatever you are trying to teach them about.

Understanding the Good and Bad

This is done by using the mini figures to create characters, this helps the children understand the difference between good and evil, good and bad, what is right from wrong, and helps them understand what being a hero and being good means.

Counting Studs

What you do in this case is to count how many studs are at the top of each brick and place them in their respective numbers, arrange them according to their size and the number of studs they have on them, from the smallest to the biggest. This is a good way to learn about numbers and math.

Counting Syllables

This is done by providing the students with a series of words and ask them to count how many syllables are present in each of the words that have been provided, if a word has two syllables then all they have to do is stick two bricks together or if it has four syllables they stick four bricks together beside the word they represents it. This tests their understanding skill.

The ev3 mindstorm core set is a perfect example for kids to test their brain strength.

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