Why Should Parents Consider Buying LEGO Spike Prime?

Why Should Parents Consider Buying LEGO Spike Prime

LEGO Spike Prime acts as a powerful STEM and STEAM learning solution for students. Through the game students can acquire important STEM, arts and personal knowledge. The game combines LEGO bricks and a coding language called Scratch through which students can develop their learning skills. Through the game, a student can become a confident learner as the game continuously engages them to solve complex problems through critical thinking. Spike Prime uses playful and colorful learning techniques to help students acquire these skills, regardless of their learning level. Lego Education Dubai offers rewarding training programs to students who can acquire STEM and STEAM knowledge through Spike Prime.

The comprehensive lesson plans offered online by Lego is accessible to every student who owns Spike Prime. We understand that sometimes as a parent you think games can be a distraction, but trust us, Spike Prime can be useful in developing your child’s life skills and interests. Below we’ve listed five reasons why you should buy Spike Prime for your child.

Develops Interest in Studying

The students can acquire STEM knowledge through the innovative lesson plan which is usually built upon helping students engage, explore, elaborate, evaluate and explain to students on how they should solve complex Math, Careers, and Language and Arts problems through interesting activities.

Develops Interest in Studying

Helps Develop Creative Skills

LEGO Education Dubai has taken one more step towards helping the student develop important life skills. They have introduced lesson plans that will allow them to develop life skills ideal for entrepreneurship, personal life, and computing too.

Learn Coding

The Lego Spike Prime is based on a scratch coding platform, so if your school’s curriculum includes SCRATCH programming, then this is a perfect game for your child. The scratch coding platform is said to be versatile and easy to learn programming language for students in classes 6-8.

Learn About AI and IoT

If you are looking to introduce your child to the future of technology like Artificial Intelligence, coding, and the Internet of Things, then the LEGO SPIKE Prime is a great way to make that introduction. After learning Scratch language, your child can easily transform to PYTHON Programming. And the company has a special lesson plan on IoT and its effect on our future.

Teaches Teamwork

Teaches Teamwork

The new game teaches the students how to build complex structures through teamwork. The game is complex and fun which means your child will need every help to build. This will teach them new skills and how to work together. This game can teach them the concept of unity among peers and society.

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